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After Six Week

You can find below the user comments on Renovasy F.I.T Peel and Renovasy Dermo-Cosmetic products.

You can find below the user comments on Renovasy F.I.T Peel and Renovasy Dermo-Cosmetic products.

Armağan Urak Age: 41 Bursa

People with skin problems should definitely try Renovasy Biodynamic Skin Renovation application. I used to have hyperpigmentation problem. After analyzing my face, my physician prepared a mixture for me by using elements from Renovasy. That is, this peeling has no standard application. It is customized. The other good thing about it is that although the mixture contains acids, you do not feel any pain. And the result is extraordinary…

Aslı Yamanel Age: 51 İstanbul

I have been using anti-wrinkle creams of almost all of the well-known brands for years. I have the opinion that you should feel a difference on your face as soon as you apply the cream. I was satisfied by these creams neither when I just applied them nor some time after the application. I bought Renovasy Extreme Impact Cream upon recommendation of a friend. I was really satisfied by it! I can say that my skin regained the flexibility! I am not looking for any other brand, anymore. This cream is very effective without any need for any other cream.

Ayça Atmaca Age: 26 İstanbul

I saw the pictures of persons before and after using this bio-COS product creating an elixir effect on skin. At the beginning I could not believe the difference between the pictures, but now I am experiencing the same effects myself with this product which completely rejuvenated my skin. My spots and acnes have all gone. Though the treatment was above the standard due to my skin texture, I am very satisfied with the current result!

Ayça Berak Age: 32 Ankara

I had Biodynamic Skin Renovation System application done upon insistence of a friend of mine. I had dense acne problem. I got four sessions applied and result is perfect! The texture of my skin changed positively and the acne problem has almost finished. I had chemical peeling applied, before. It really hurt a lot and the redness on my face after the application was really. I experienced such a problem with Renovasy neither during nor after the application! I should confess that I really felt sorry for not having heard of this peeling before.

Aylin Candaş Age: 34 İstanbul

I started red carpet treatment one month before my marriage. When I had it done first, I could see in the mirror that my skin was enlightened. After the third session, even my make up was dashing and more beautiful. I was satisfied a lot. Although it is over one month since I had the treatment, my skin looks very healthy and fresh. I will keep this in my mind for my special days.

Aytül Mutlu Age: 33 İstanbul

I have been using Rejuvenating Serum and Rejuvenating Cream regularly for a few weeks and I will definitely order the new ones as soon as my products finish. My skin remains moist all day long and I can still see the effect of the serum when I get up in the morning. Although the content is dense, I do not have any feeling of gravity on my skin. Therefore, I am very happy about it.

Azize Önder Age: 47 İstanbul

Vitamin C product is totally magical:) It is preserved in the bottle in powder form and you apply massage to your face with it and it turns into cream. Hence, you notice from the moment of application that it has a different technology. I bought this product upon advice for my skin spots. I put some on my spots and did massage. And I witnessed its effect within a very short time like three weeks. If my spots continue to fade this quick, I think I will not need to apply make up soon.

Banu Çelik Age: 35 İstanbul

I still cannot believe that I got rid of all my problems around my eyes! I am so happy that it saved me from this situation which I was complaining all the time. The under-eye purple appearance and eye wrinkles are now gone. I bought the eye cream in two boxes, for fear that it may not be found in stocks later. I am a candidate for being one of your most frequent customers.

Besime Kurtuluş Age: 33 İstanbul

I have sunspots on my face. I could never go out before covering them by using a foundation. My doctor told me that four sessions of Renovasy bio-COS would bleach my spots. We immediately started the treatment. I saw that my sunspots were disappearing a bit more, at the end of each session. After completion of the treatment, I bought Renovasy Vitamin C Power Touch, a follow-up product. We had already reached a satisfactory result with bio-COS treatment and my spots had visibly disappeared but the follow up product was also very beneficial. I am still going on the treatment. I am mentioning everybody the effectiveness of the Renovasy treatment.

Betül Yüksel Age: 44 Adana

The single rescuer at all my special times is Renovasy bio-COS! As soon as I get the mask applied, my face shines. All people who see me ask: What did you get done to your face? What happened to your face? How can you shine like this? Hearing the positive comments, my morale raises up. It is really what they call shining healthy.

Canan Aksu Age: 37 İstanbul

The Anti-Aging Mask, which I purchased upon the recommendation of my aesthetician who has given me skin care for years. Mine Kavuşan: My skin has now a much healthier appearance.

Cansel Eraslan Age: 37 İstanbul

I discovered the brand on the internet first. To tell you the truth, I did not trust it at the beginning because I had never heard of it before. Then I examined the product contents and decided to use them. Now, I am not using any skin care products, but Renovasy. My skin verifies the correctness of my decision. Thank you, Renovasy Family…

Cem Çolak Age: 41 Antalya

If you have a sensitive skin, use Renovasy products. My skin is dry and sensitive. Other creams were causing blushes and itchiness on my face. My husband bought me Renovasy Silk Serum, upon suggestion of one of his friends. I tried it and found it very good for my skin. The products are not the cheapest creams in the market but the quality is quite high.

Derya Işık Age: 47 İstanbul

I have a very dry skin. I have been using only the products recommended by my physician. Recently, my physician told me that I could use Renovasy Anti-Aging Mask for dryness of my skin. I checked up on the product and bought it. Normally, it is a product that clears on the skin but my skin absorbs all the product after I apply it on my face and wait for some time. I have never tried such an effective mask before. I will buy a new one as soon as it finishes:)

Derya Şenol Age: 47 Manisa

I first met with Renovasy products when I started using Rejuvenating Cream and Serum. In fact, I did not know much about the products of the brand. I bought them just out of curiosity. Now I am happy I bought them. I can say my skin is firmer and looks fresher! I would never have though a dermo-cosmetic product would be this much beneficial.

Dilara Türkmen Age: 42 İstanbul

I think the recent most successful product of the brand is Extreme Impact Cream! There is no need to say much. Just get a tester from the clinics where this is sold and see what I mean. You will be addicted after trying. I have been using only this product everyday and every night for one year and my skin is perfect!

Duru Açıkgöz Age: 51 İstanbul

Rejuvenating Cream and the Serum series were a very good treatment for my skin. My sister-in-law gave me the products she purchased after the treatment she had in a clinic in Istanbul as present. Thinking that it was not being sold in Ankara, I bought another set when I visited Istanbul. My skin regained its moisture. I am happy to touch a very soft skin now when I touch my face. I am also satisfied with my look in the mirror. I recommend this to everyone.


Duygu Bektaş Age: 35 Bursa

I had kind of strawberry marks on my skin after giving birth to my baby. As far as I know, many women that give birth are complaining about these marks. I had Biodynamic Skin Renovation System applied for three sessions and benefited a lot from them. I really advice this for everyone suffering from the same problem.

Ebru Çağlar Age: 42 İstanbul

Last year, I got chemical peeling applied on my face. This year, I got bio-COS applied upon the recommendation of my doctor. The difference between them was an indicator of how much technology progressed. The system gives all positive effects of chemical peeling, apart from other benefits, and you do not feel any pain during the application. And to cap it all off, you enjoy the comfort of meeting with your friends, as if you did not get any application. What can I say… I am grateful to those discovering such a great system and saving us from all troubles.

Ebru Dalgın Age: 41 İstanbul

I first took tester of Renovasy skin care product for trying it, and then I immediately decided to buy it.  I have been using regularly for about two months the Silk Serum and Extreme Impact Cream. You can feel the impact of products on skin immediately and the products are absorbed easily by skin and makes it very soft. I shared my satisfaction also with my close friends and they are about to become a Renovasy userJ

Eda Türksoy Age: 38 İstanbul

I have a problematic skin structure. Therefore I am careful about the products I use. A short while ago, my doctor suggested me to use Extreme Impact Cream. He said, because of the peptide in its content, it has a healing effect for the skin besides the anti-aging care. The cream is very thick and it has a unique effect. I can see the change on my skin in the mirror. I strongly recommend it.

Elçim Rona Age: 54 İstanbul

My beautician talked very highly of Renovasy cream. Changing the brands I have been using for 20 years, she carried out my skin care by using Renovasy Cream. At the beginning, I was prejudiced but I was very happy when I felt that my skin was breathing and relaxed. I purchased Silk Serum, during the next care. It makes my skin feel like silk. It moisturizes and tightens my skin. I am sure this brand will get the place it deserves soon.

Emine Yazıcı Age: 44 İstanbul

Your cream for around the eyes is very good. I used the eye cream of many brands because I was suffering from the dark circles around my eyes. I did not come across one that provides better solution than yours in a short time. For about one and a half months, I haven’t needed   even any concealer. I am recommending Eyes Contour Cream to everyone I know.

Ezgi Çağlar Age: 35 İstanbul

My beauty center told me about a solution for my problem with my pores I have been suffering for years and stated that my skin will be better if I had 4 sessions of Bio-COS treatment. My skin got better even after the first session. Now, I have a quite ordinary pore vision. There is no trace of the old disturbing look. I am also using my maintenance products and I am really happy about the result.

Feride Boz Age: 42 İstanbul

I saw the advertisement of the product of the brand called “Vitamin C Power Touch”. The product is in powder form in its container but turns into cream when you apply it on the face. Due to this powder form, Vitamin C penetrates to the depths of the skin. Thinking that this was a high technology product, I bought it. Despite its high price, I wanted to try it. I recovered from all my doubts after trying the product. I ordered another bottle after finishing the first one. I used it for the blemishes as well as the rough skin and the places where wrinkles started to form. Applying even a small amount on the problematic area ensures satisfactory results. The product helped my skin to be healthy again.

Feride Boz Age: 42 İstanbul

I saw the advertisement of the product of the brand called “Vitamin C Power Touch”. The product is in powder form in its container but turns into cream when you apply it on the face. Due to this powder form, Vitamin C penetrates to the depths of the skin. Thinking that this was a high technology product, I bought it. Despite its high price, I wanted to try it. I recovered from all my doubts after trying the product. I ordered another bottle after finishing the first one. I used it for the blemishes as well as the rough skin and the places where wrinkles started to form. Applying even a small amount on the problematic area ensures satisfactory results. The product helped my skin to be healthy again.

Gizem Duranoğlu Age: 43 Adana

The products are suggested to be used as combined. I agree with this idea since I started to use Renovasy Products. I have all the products from facial cleaner to masks. If you really want to see the differences on your face, use all the products as combined.

Gülay Eren Age: 51 Ankara

After my doctor I trust greatly suggested me to use Renovasy, I started to use Extreme Impact Cream. I am getting laser treatment; therefore, my skin was very sensitive. The cream not only helped me to soothe my skin but it also corrected the texture of it very nicely. I can feel the change when I touch it. I wish I had known this brand long time ago.

Gülay Eren Age: 51 Ankara

After my doctor I trust greatly suggested me to use Renovasy, I started to use Extreme Impact Cream. I am getting laser treatment; therefore, my skin was very sensitive. The cream not only helped me to soothe my skin but it also corrected the texture of it very nicely. I can feel the change when I touch it. I wish I had known this brand long time ago.

Gülizar Torun Age: 47 İstanbul

I had laser application last month. They gave me Renovasy Rejuvenating Cream after the application to help my skin repair and feel better. I was so happy the minute I started using it. Then, I bought its serum to apply at nights. Both products got my skin look better in a short while. I will try the other products, too. I am sure the results of each and every product are this successful.

Güner Altınay Age: 51 İstanbul

I bought Renovasy Extreme Impact upon advice and it proved to be a right decision. Such an intense and such an effective cream is so good to be true. My skin remains moist and shiny all day long. Though I don’t use it regularly for two months, my skin tightness increased. I had not achieved such an effect with the creams that I used for years. Now, I don’t even think using another cream.

İrem Hasoğlu Age: 30 İstanbul

I bought Renovasy Anti-Aging Mask for my mother. She was very happy about the results. I was suffering from dark marks under my eyes. My dermatologist suggested me to use Renovasy Eyes Contour Cream. I got rid of them in a short time.

Leyla Günday Age: 42 Ankara

I have tried many products for many years. I do not believe that there are no other products as beneficial as this one for my blemishes and wrinkles. Do not be deceived by its container. Applying a very small amount on the blemishes and wrinkles is enough. When you use it regularly, you notice that the blemishes are disappearing. I am very happy with Renovasy Vitamin C. I had tried products that contained Vitamin C but I have never seen a more effective and correct product than it!

Melda Uzun Age: 33 İstanbul

I am 33 years old but I have had enough experience regarding creams. I tried almost all of the creams of various brands. Leave alone being beneficial to my skin, some of them caused problems underneath my eyes. Therefore, I am careful about cream ingredients. I started by using Renovasy testers. If you want a really high quality anti-aging care, you should also try. Especially Extreme Impact Cream penetrates the skin unbelievably quickly and stimulates it. You will see that your skin will get tighter and bright in one week.

Melike Erden Age: 32 İstanbul

I admired the effect caused by the skin care products of Renovasy that I started to use lately, at the recommendation of some people. Thanks to Renovasy, my acne marks that I could not get rid of despite the numerous methods and products have remarkably diminished.

Meltem Dönmez Age: 45 İstanbul

I was almost addicted to a cosmetics brand for a long time and did not use any other brand but that one, of course, until I found out about Renovasy. I am using two products at the moment:) Extreme Impact Cream and Eyes Contour Cream. I am unbelievably happy with both of them. In fact, even Extreme Impact Cream created a perfect impact on my skin, all alone. The texture of the cream and the effect it created on my skin all day long is brilliant. The eye cream is also very effective. I will purchase the other products, as well.

Meltem Kıraç Age: 28 İzmir

Washing gel is awesome! Beside cleaning off all cosmetics from my face including the eyes, it has changed the texture of my skin in a positive way. Though I was thinking at the beginning that the change was just coincidence, I understood it is not so, when I ran out of my gel. Now, I will begin to use also the other products. I am sure that the whole product line is as efficient as this one.

Meryem Bulut Age: 28 İstanbul

As a person who used Renovasy bio-COS and almost all Renovasy skin care products, I wanted to share my own experience upon seeing the comments. Bio-COS is a special application designed to repair the damaged skin, and the skin care products are also composed of ingredients healing the skin, like bio-COS. I mean, it is not the same with other skin care creams or anti-aging creams with moisturizing effect. I had acne scars on my face. After bio-COS, I used also the products recommended by my doctor. Especially Vitamin C is an unprecedented technology! I am still using the products. My skin has become smooth and free from faults.

Müge Hanedar Age: 44 İstanbul

If you have a dry skin, please get an Anti-Aging Mask before spending a lot of money on lots of products for this purpose. You do not need to apply it every day. It will be enough to apply this mask weekly. After using regularly, every week for one month, your skin will be very soft and full with moisture. I strongly advise it.

Müzeyyen Eliyeşil Age: 47 Ankara

I was using the products of a leading company of the world. I learned that the products included paraben in them in order to lengthen the self life and this was harmful for the skin. While looking for a good dermocosmetic brand, I found Renovasy. I bought Extreme Impact Cream first. This is a cream with very high and dense anti-aging effect. However, it does not cause any heaviness on the skin and it is immediately absorbed. In a short time, I realized that my skin got better. I am very happy!

Nabiye Özen Age: 40 İstanbul

I have a dry and sensitive skin. Therefore, I have always used dermocosmetic products. I bought your Anti-Aging Mask upon the suggestion of my physician. The product detained the moisture under my skin so well that I never had the drying feeling and experienced no flaking on the surface of my skin. Although I am using it twice a week, it is a lot more effective than my daily moisturizer. There seems to be no redness and dull appearance on my skin. I might even say that I have never seen my skin so soft and moisturized.

Nagihan Çorumlu Age: 33 Ankara

I have an oily skin type with acnes; therefore I cannot use all the products I come across. I have to be extra careful about cleaning my skin. When I do not clean it properly, I have more acne on my skin. I have been using your Cleansing Gel for a long time. It does not contain paraben and soap and has marvelous effect on the skin. It was as if both cleaning and healing my skin. My physician told me that it was because of the peptides it contains. I am so happy that the structure of my skin is perfect now.

Nergis Küçük Age: 34 İstanbul

I have a sensitive skin and I feel afraid whenever I attempt to get something done to my face. Because, many so called good and recommended procedures which I tried before caused problem in my face. Therefore, when my doctor said that Renovasy includes acid, I gave up getting it applied. However, I got curious and investigated about the technology of product and learned that it is appropriate for sensitive skins. They even had a separate treatment for sensitive skins. I got the first session done for trial purpose and it continued, when I saw the improvement in my face. I am incredibly satisfied with it!

Nergis Neşe Age: 31 Antalya

This is the first time that I felt the need to enter a brand’s page and write comment. Renovasy Extreme Impact, which I hesitated to buy at the beginning, is a totally wonderful product.. When I was told while buying the product that it contains many active ingredients and is very beneficial for skin, I never anticipated such a great change. I would like to thank my clinic which introduced this brand to me J

Nur Bilir Age: 38 İstanbul

The first product of Renovasy which I tried was Exfoliating Serum. My biggest problem on my face was big pores. I am using the product only in evenings and I see a smooth face every morning when I get up. I am not even using foundation for a while. Since all its products include peptide, it has improving and structuring effect on the face. Now, I will buy also the other products and use them.

Nuran Koca Age: 52 İzmit

It took me one week to understand the difference between Renovasy and the other products. After I had used the products regularly all week long, I realized that my skin was cleansed, moisturized and shining. I was starting each day with a more regenerated, smoother and softer skin. Renovasy products are indispensable for me.

Nurten Ersever Age: 54 Ankara

My doctor told me to use Renovasy dermocosmetic products after my laser treatment. I used Anti-aging Mask and Rejuvenating Cream. Both the cream and the mask rejuvenated my skin and made it look fresh. I will use the other products as well. I am very happy because my skin got better day by day.

Özlem Tekin Age: 48 İstanbul

I care for my skin and never neglect it. My clinic I have been going for a long time recommended me Renovasy Cream and gave me a demo set of the product. When I finished the demos, I decided to buy the product. I purchased Extreme Impact and Silk Serum and I am very happy! The problems with my skin are diminishing gradually. I started to have no need for make-up. I recommend them to all people around me.

Pınar Akcan Age: 32 İstanbul

When I was adolescent, there were too many acnes on my face and I had to deal with these problems for years. I got rid of the acnes, but it was difficult to red rid of the traces left. And as last resort, I used all kinds of products which I heard of, and the result was always sadness. 5 months ago, my dermatologist mentioned about Renovasy. I accepted wtihout thinking. Anyway, the technology of the system had drew my attention very much. I completed my treatment within the determinted sessions. The traces on my face vanished to a great extent. As time passes, the skin technology progresses, too. This is so obvious. I recommended such product to the people around me and I also wanted to share my opinion about the product in this platform.

Rasime Köksal Age: 47 İstanbul

I have used almost all of the products and can recommend it to everybody with a light heart. A clinic in Etiler has been treating people’s skin with these products for over a year and the products are being sold there. People mentioned in some of the remarks here that they were expensive. However, they have reasonable prices when compared with the equivalent products. The prices are quite normal for a product with high improvement effect that is caused by the peptide it contains. And I think Renovasy will become an indispensible product being used by almost everyone, in a short time.

Ruken Yılmaz Age: 48 İstanbul

I have been going to the same clinic and use the same products for my skin care, as long as I can remember. They told me three months ago that they changed their skin care products and started using Renovasy products. They added that its ingredients were very good for the skin and the structure of my skin would change positively. So, I allowed them to use this product for my skin care. I never hesitated because I trusted my clinic but I was curious about the result. I went for skin care for six times after that date. People are asking me if I am using anything special for my face. I look fresher and more renewed. I would never have believed if anyone had told me I would get this result by using only one cream. I started using the products at home, as well. Skincare products are really very useful!

Sabahat Öner Age: 39 Adana

I have used and tried many skin care products of various brands so far. I have been paying attention for a long time that the products I use have dermo-cosmetic ingredients. Renovasy drew my attention for it contains both dermo-cosmetics and bio-peptides. I have been using Renovasy for a couple of months and I took away all the other products. I have achieved a brighter and tighter skin, just by using Rejuvenating Cream for 2 times a day.

Saliha Yurdagel Age: 40 İzmir

I was complaining about the marks on my skin after being exposed to sun and my physician told me that it could be treated by Renovasy Biodynamic Skin Renovation System. The marks started to fade away only after two sessions. I am still going on with the treatment. I definitely advise those who are suffering from this problem.

Seher Türkmen Age: 52 Kocaeli

I have been using Vitamin C Power Touch product around my eyes for the crow’s feet for a few months. I am applying very little of the cream by massaging lightly. I can see the difference in the mirror. A few days ago my daughter said she could see the change around my eyes and I was very happy.

Selen Demir Age: 35 İstanbul

I am so happy with your Eyes Contour Cream product. The area under my eyes was always dark colored and this made me look tired and older than I am. When I finished the first bottle, I realized that it would be possible for me to go around without applying makeup. The dark circles looked a lot better. I am using the third bottle now. I advise everyone with the same problem to use it.

Serap Eser Age: 46 İstanbul

For the first time in my life, I used a cream without knowing its brand. The reason why I used that cream was that a close friend of mine talked very highly of it. In fact, that fresh and bright look on her face also influenced me. There are many comments on this product; I wonder if mine will be read but there is no exaggeration in these comments. You will understand that your skin is strengthened from the first month onwards. I am using only the Rejuvenating Cream and Eyes Contour Cream. I am planning to buy the other products in the forthcoming days.

Serpil Göksu Age: 35 İstanbul

Because my esthetician insisted, I had a Renovasy Red Carpet treatment for my wedding. I did not want to take any risk before such an important day but I was so happy I had it done. Everybody who saw me could not take their eyes away from me and asked what I did for it. Although there was make-up on my skin, it looked so bright and shiny. It was a treatment that made me very happy. I recommend it to everybody and I will get it done again when there is such an occasion.

Serpil Kara Age: 44 Ankara

I feel wonderful when people see the difference as soon as they look at my face. We can shortly call this Renovasy difference…

Serpil Uzun Age: 49 İstanbul

Renovasy products are quite different from ordinary dermo-cosmetic products. I tried the tester of the products first. When my tester finished, the first thing I did was purchasing the original product. Cleansing Gel, Vitamin C Power Touch and Anti-Aging Mask are the products I am using right now. I am sure you will agree with all the users here after using the products for a few weeks.

Seval Taşcı Age: 41 İstanbul

I saw the advertising of Extreme Impact and it was saying that it included 20 active ingredients for anti-aging. I bought it, as it drew my attention. I created a huge effect! Since the day I started to use, my face became tighter, more shiny and improved. I witnessed the improvement in my skin nature. I am writing comment for the first time to a company to tell my satisfaction with a product that I used. So far, I used the products of many brands, but there was no other product which satisfied me as much as this one.

Sevgi Doğruyol Age: 37 İstanbul

I am using Rejuvenating series of the brand that provides repair and hydration for the skin. When my esthetician suggested, I had doubts because I did not know much about the brand. After I used it, I found out that I was wrong. I have been using the products for two months now both during the day and at nights. They are almost finished. I can easily say that they are high quality and treating products. I will try the other products of the brand, as well. You can count on me as a loyal customer of your brand.

Sevilay Yılmaz Age: 49 İstanbul

Everyday a new brand is launched in the market. Therefore, I believe people should be careful in choosing the products. Vitamin C is very effective in aging treatments but many products are not much effective although they contain Vitamin C. If you want to get an effective result from Vitamin C, buy Vitamin C Power Touch. It was very helpful for the wrinkles under my eyes.

Tilda Üzeyir Age: 38 İstanbul

I saw Extreme Impact Cream advertisement in a magazine. Then when I saw it being sold at my beauty clinic, I bought to give it a try. I have been applying this cream everyday day and night for one and a half months. I have never used any other product in my life so regularly. You apply the cream and feel the moisture all day long. Both this moisturizing effect and the structural betterment of my skin satisfied me a lot.

Tuğba Akçakıl Age: 32 İstanbul

Last month, when I requested from my dermatologist to advice me some cream for around the eye, she gave me Renovasy Eyes Contour Cream of trial size. When I felt the tightness the cream created on my face and the noticeably improved under-eye color, I ordered one of it. I am using the cream for about one month and I don’t need now any under-eye concealer.

Tuğçe Aras Age: 35 İstanbul

I saw ads regarding the brand in the newspapers and I was also following it through social media for a certain time. Then I bought its eye cream from internet, just to try it. I have been using Eyes Contour Cream for a few months and I believe it really treats under the eyes. Never ever compare it with an ordinary cosmetics brand. You can easily understand its effect from the first use.

Tuğçe Solmaz Age: 34 İstanbul

My skin was renewed and got firmer at the first session of Renovasy Biodynamic Skin Renovation System application.

Tülay Severcan Age: 44 Ankara

Skin care is carried out by Renovasy Products at the beauty center I am attending. My skin was getting refreshed and shiny after the care. I also tried Exfoliating Serum, one of the testers they gave me; I witnessed very good effects of it. I am applying it before I go to bed and when I get up I could go to work without applying any make-up. Everybody was asking what I was doing for my skin. I immediately bought the product. I am very happy. I could never imagine a serum could be this good for a skin.

Tuna Parlak Age:

I was suffering from acne problems for four years. I tried all the methods to get rid of them, including medicines. My face was scaling off and drying. The problem was reappearing after a while. I met Renovasy when I lost all my hopes and believed that I would never get rid of them. I have been getting Biodynamic Skin Renovation System applied every three week for the last 6 months. Meanwhile, I am using the skin care products for acnes regularly, too. My face is not dry anymore and I got rid of the acnes that used to putt me off from looking in the mirrors. This is a really successful system!

Ulviye Gönen Age: 52 İstanbul

I started using the cream and the serum of the brand about 4 months ago. I am using both of the products every morning and every night. I liked the effect of the products on my skin. They have a dense texture but they do not create a feeling of heaviness on the face and they are easily absorbed. I can say that my skin was enlightened and started to recover. I wrote this remark just to provide information for the people who wanted to learn about it.

Yasemin Kaya Age: 41 İstanbul

It is difficult to say for most of the products that it is worth the money, apart from the glittery containers. Therefore, I am definitely careful about the ingredients of a product when I choose it. The first Renovasy product I tried was Exfoliating Serum. Because all its products include peptide, I had a trust in Renovasy. Everybody knows that peptides are very beneficial for feeding and renewing the skin. Besides, the Exfoliating Serum also contained AHA. This is very ideal for peeling the epidermis on the face. I use the product at nights and am very satisfied with it. I advise everyone to use it.

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