The Philosophy of Renovasy™

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After Six Week

Look young, stay healthy and be happy… These are the goals everybody shares. In my 19 years professional experience, I learned that it is best to approach each and every skin with a customized protocol. It is well known that well-maintenance and healthy diet as well as a person’s hormonal activities and psychological conditions are the building stones of a healthy skin. The base of Renovasy was established in Lentate Sel Suveso and depends on the utilization of bio-peptides (growth factors). Most important benefits offered by the F.I.T Peel are; it is custom-prepared for each unique patient and it provides effectiveness without sacrificing comfort and safety.felsefe-gorsel2

Why to use the growth factors? The growth activity of skin cells needs of frequent and regular activation and peptides are precisely useful in stimulating this very necessary activity. Their job is to send signals to your skin molecules, which in turn signals the cells to create more collagen. Collagen is a protein that builds up areas of your body that need to be renewed, and has become extremely popular in the whole beauty industry due to its effectiveness.

The catalyst or message carrier between the cells of the outer skin, the epidermis, and the cells of the under layer, the dermis, is critical to the regeneration of the tissue. Fresh skin tissue is what keeps our skin looking young and vibrant, and it is how we glow when we are young. And this is the scenario that can be recreated with the use of bio-peptides (growth factors), since they stimulate natural collagen into action. The growth factors used in Renovasy™ are utilized by using the nanocapsulation technology. Encapsulation of the growth factors into nanocapsules enables the product to deliver the active ingredients to the deeper layer of the skin, the dermis, by passing through the outer layer, epidermis. In this way, it becomes possible to reach to the basis of the problems.

Are you tired of fine lines, wrinkles and roughness? Are you ready to get rid of loose and pigmented skin? Now you have a strong weapon to fight with those problems; Renovasy™ F.I.T Peel! You may prefer to act accordingly with your age but your skin does not have to reflect your age. We assure you that after the first touch of Renovasy™, you will physically look and psychologically feel better in just 4 to 6 weeks.

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